Where we are

For those wishing to reach us on foot, we recommend parking the car at the Buffaure ski lift or at the foot of the Aloch slope.

At the crossroads of Strada de Meida and Strada de Freina, walk up the district of the same name, soon leaving the village.

At a first crossroads, continue to the left slightly uphill to reach a second crossroads.

Going left, you take a less steep variant more suitable for buggies, which passes by the Masc Aloch, from which you can then continue on towards the Malga.

If, on the other hand, you continue straight on, after a short ascent you come in sight of the meadows through which, after a descent, you reach the Aloch Malga, from where you can enjoy a magnificent panorama of Pozza, Vigo and the Roda di Vael.


Malga Aloch

Come in and let us "take you by the throat"!!!

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