The “Masc Aloch” farm was established in 2016 when Florian Gianluca joined the company to complement the already existing farm of his brother Daniele.

The facility houses the free-stall barn with a cow-calf line for meat animals, the stable for pigs and enclosures for equines, with an average size of 58-65 LU in total.

Adequate premises for the processing, preservation and seasoning of products derived from the animals themselves and a cooked product line.

Thanks to the 2014-2020 Rural Development Programme of the P.A.T. and to operation 6.1.1 Aid for the Start-up of Young Farmers’ Enterprises 2nd Call of the Provincial Council resolution no. 63 of 29/01/2016, cattle and horses were purchased, increasing the number of LUs from 49.50 to 62.20 with an increase of 20% and new boxes for housing calves.

The total financial support amounts to € 40,000.