Our cowshed is loose housing, which means that the cows inside are not tethered.

In total we have 70 heads of bulls, mares and calves.

Black Angus cows

The choice to raise this breed was dictated by the prized meat that is obtained thanks to its good “marbling”, which is characterised by the infiltration of fat inside it which makes it soft and tasty.

Other qualities that led to our choice are structural and behavioural: the Black Angus breed is constitutionally “strong” and has no particular problems with joints, bones and hooves.

This type of cow herds, which allows for greater defence against possible predators during their time in the mountain pastures.

Black Angus do not have horns, which reduces the danger of injury within the barn between them.

Last but equally important for our guests is the fact that Black Angus cows are not aggressive towards either humans or other animals.

Alpine pasture

Our cows in spring/summer are sent to graze in the high mountains (in the Contrin Valley).

The nutrition on the alpine pastures of the Dolomites makes the meat of our cattle valuable and tasty.


When the cattle remain in the stables, due to the harsh climate of the Dolomites, they are fed with hay, harvested by us, and, to compensate for the lack of protein, we also add cereals to the diet.

Other guests

To make our products, our Farm is home to other animals such as pigs, donkeys and hens of a special breed from which we obtain white eggs.


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